10 Travel hacks

Since most people like to travel, maybe as much as like I to, I hope I can help make it easier for you with ten useful hacks! Definitely 10 travel hacks you should know.


1- Roll your clothes for more space and to prevent wrinkles.

2- Bring a portable charger, it’s useful for emergencies if you’re running out of battery.

3- Have a dummy wallet, this is to trick pickpockets. You can put some silly pictures in it and your real wallet is still safe. Make sure to leave your real wallet on your person somewhere they won’t look and is extremely difficult to take it out.

4- Read the fine print while buying a ticket, because it could save you money on your carry on.

5- Mark your luggage as fragile so that it will be handled better and as a bonus you’ll get it first because it will be on top of the pile.

6- Get to the airport early, that way it won’t be as stressful for you.

7- Travel in the morning, due to the fact that in the evenings there are more delays because of the travel built up.

8- Bring an empty water bottle, there may be stations to fill your bottle.

9- Bring some baby powder, it can help you freshen up.

10- Use a TV to charge your electronics because most modern TVs have a USB connector on the back or on the side of it.

These hacks should help to make traveling a little bit easier and less stressful for you. Have fun !