7 Important Fashion Tips

Teen Fashion

We, teens, all love fashion, right? So, here is my tiny contribution on how to improve your wardrobe a little. Every little bit helps? Enjoy reading the seven tips in this article, and hopefully you will try to use on or more of them.


This is extremely helpful if you need to decide what to wear when in a hurry. Whether it’s a pair of jeans that fit well, simple T-shirts in neutral colours, a little black dress (LBD), a denim or leather jacket, or any other staple in your wardrobe.

Some shapes are:

  • Hourglass shape: you have a defined waist and roughly equal bust and hip measurements.
  • Inverted triangle shape: you have broad shoulders and an upper body that is wider than your lower body.
  • Apple shape: your bust and/or waistline are wider than your hips and your lower half.
  • Pear shape: your hips are the widest part of your body.
  • Rectangle shape: your bust and/or waist are about the same width as your hips.

If you aren’t sure, find styles similar to the clothes that you already own that are flattering.

Learning how to shop for what you want and need will help you create a wardrobe that is just perfect for you. Since you won’t have pieces in your closet that you don’t love and/or are hard to style, you will definitely never wear them.

Developing your own style takes time and lots of experimentation with different styles and colours in order to figure out what you like and looks good on you as well.

Learning the colour wheel will most certainly help you to coordinate your outfits better. Keep in mind that there shouldn’t be more than 3 colours.

Organising your closet will help you see what items you no longer use or like anymore. So you can donate or sell them and make more room for items you do use and love… You could organise your clothes into categories or colours, and fold the clothes that need to be folded while the rest are hung. This will give you a clear view of what is inside your closet.

Adding a belt to your outfit is a good way to make any outfit look more complete. It’s also a great trick for bringing balance to a look that otherwise might not really work.


Learning and consequently applying these seven tips, will enable you to manage your wardrobe as well as finding out what works for you in terms of style and shape. In addition, it will prove to be much more manageable and more cost efficient in the long term.